Victor's Arcade!// games!Pyramid Raider 2 Demo 0.1varcade_game_94// More traps and dangers await in the new looming pyramid!!! This is only the demo version which contains 1 level and no save data and limited interactible enemies. The full version of the game will be out February 2018.]]>Sat, 02 Dec 2017 20:19:44 +0000Rock Paper Scizzorsvarcade_game_93// The most pointless game I have made so far...why play rock paper scizzors online when you can just play it IRL? Well your opponent can't cheat! (Unless you are Victor and you hack this game) This game runs on a server and can be played remotely.

Duncan, the author of this game and the above description, anticipated what I would do.]]>
Mon, 15 May 2017 17:34:46 +0000
Overhaulvarcade_game_92// Protect your mining station by placing and combining the modules falling from the sky. Match three modules to create one higher level module. Click on a module to show information. Discover new abilities and modules as the game progresses, enhance them and use all opportunities to win.]]>Sun, 23 Oct 2016 00:11:47 +0000Pixel 2varcade_game_91// Pixel 2, the sequel to hit shooter Pixel, features even more colorful explosions! Featuring four worlds with unique enemies, Pixel 2 takes the original game in a new direction with powerful new abilities! Freeze, burn, shock, and unleash other powerful abilities on your enemies!]]>Tue, 10 Nov 2015 00:20:23 +0000Shooter Preview 1varcade_game_90// This is a pre-release for an action scrolling shooter.]]>Mon, 20 Oct 2014 02:03:37 +0000Shadow Kings - The Dark Agesvarcade_game_89// Conduct trade and get your economy rolling. Build your city into a mighty metropolis and defend it against orcs, goblins and trolls!]]>Sun, 24 Aug 2014 20:14:59 +0000Pixel Legionsvarcade_game_88// Armies of glowing pixels wage war in this fast-paced tactical action game. Employ a mix of clever strategy and brute force to dominate your opponents. New surprises await you on each battlefield. Do you have the skill to conquer them all?]]>Sat, 19 Apr 2014 23:52:05 +0000Bloons Tower Defense 3varcade_game_87// It's here. After 319 days, 32 Million plays and countless requests for a sequel to Bloons Tower Defense 2, Ninja Kiwi is proud to present Bloons Tower Defense 3. This time, use the all new towers and upgrades to work your way through 8 all new tracks and 3 difficulty modes to achieve that total Bloon popping satisfaction.]]>Wed, 12 Mar 2014 20:23:21 +0000Test Subject Bluevarcade_game_86// Perform a series of tests with wrapping portals for the watching scientist!]]>Tue, 11 Mar 2014 00:35:45 +0000Bloxorzvarcade_game_85// It's not a square, it's a Bloxorz. These challenging puzzles ask: Can you get a rectangular cube into a square hole?]]>Tue, 04 Mar 2014 03:15:45 +0000Goodgame Pokervarcade_game_84// Goodgame Poker presents a whole new poker experience to players. Goodgame Poker combines all the strategy, skill and excitement of Texas Hold'em with customisable avatars and a fresh and modern style. Raise the stakes, bluff with the best and look good while you do it! Buy exclusive items, send gifts to your buddies and raise your rankings. True Texas Hold'em rules with a new twist - GoodGame Poker.]]>Tue, 04 Mar 2014 00:21:58 +0000Goodgame Big Farmvarcade_game_83// Uncle George has left you his farm, but unfortunately it's in pretty bad shape. Using business skills and the help of your neighbors, family and friends you can turn the overgrown barnyard into a beautiful and prosperous farm again. Plant the right crops, harvest and process them, care for your animals and make sure that your workers are happy - this is how your farm will grow successfully.]]>Tue, 04 Mar 2014 00:21:07 +0000Goodgame Empirevarcade_game_82// Goodgame Empire is a great strategy title by Goodgame Studios. Build your own castle, create a powerful army and fight epic player versus player battles on a dynamic world map. Crush your enemies, conquer land and rise to the ruler of a mighty empire!]]>Tue, 04 Mar 2014 00:02:13 +0000Bounce 1.2varcade_game_81// For help please see in-game instructions. One thing to note is that the ball will NOT jump if you press the up button when the ball bounces and is off the ground.

This game is a remake of a very old Nokia phone game, [Dunk's] childhood memories...

Hope you all enjoy!

p.s. There is a secret coin in every level, try to get all of them. They will be used to purchase items/new levels in the next update :)]]>
Sun, 23 Feb 2014 04:56:30 +0000
Flappy Birdvarcade_game_80// A very fun and addictive game based on the hit trending app 'flappy bird'. Fly through the pipes and see how far you can get!]]>Tue, 11 Feb 2014 02:45:57 +0000Keygenme Challengevarcade_game_79// Try to make a keygen for this file! With a click of a button (so that you don't need to use a disassembler), you can reveal the checking algorithm!]]>Thu, 17 Oct 2013 02:43:53 +0000Wings Over Watervarcade_game_78// Part of Ferry Halim's Orisinal arts collection. Simply relaxing experience for the soul.]]>Sun, 13 Oct 2013 16:48:19 +0000Blipzkriegvarcade_game_77// Lead your troops through mazes, and around defensive towers, capturing power-stations and bases to reach the portal in the fastest time possible.]]>Fri, 04 Oct 2013 22:55:05 +0000Winterbellsvarcade_game_76// Part of Ferry Halim's Orisinal arts collection. Simply relaxing experience for the soul.]]>Wed, 31 Jul 2013 01:48:26 +0000A.L.I.A.S. 3varcade_game_75// In this action packed multi level game you have to help A.L.I.A.S to battle his way through the army base and blast all the enemies and obstacles with his high fire rate gun. Each kill restores a bit of health (power-ups help for that, too). At the end of the game, your score will be multiplied by the number corresponding to the chosen difficulty level. Good Luck...]]>Wed, 24 Jul 2013 03:10:32 +0000